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  Just a sketch that I ruined with ink.I really love this hat though. I wish I had one. Might color this one day.
  I really liked this picture when it was inked and I took it a step further to color. I couldn't find my blendy marker and her skin tones came out kinda harsh. Not only that but I was in a stressful situation while coloring this and was somewhat rushed. I like her bag best.
  Mini drawing session after talking about how Mike, Matt and I would like to raise our kids. Lots of cool mural ideas and such. I said I wanted to paint little monsters on my kids' walls that look like so and Matt argued his was scarier. I think he's full of it. Danny drew the cheap donkey. Poor Danny. Ewe belongs to Harvest Moon (Natsume) and Noodleboy to Jhonen Vasquez & probably Slave Labor Graphics.
  Matt begged me for a picture and it took me long enough to do. Not happy with the feet, and I feel bad for the blotch on her back. I used a pose from an art book of mine. Angel thing was very last minute (Like... halfway through inking) The halo could be better.