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I'm at Lyn's. I was sad.

Still at Lyn's trying to feel better.

Still STILL at Lyn's, feeling really bad.

Me at work! Not on the clock. Lookin at posters?

NHS thing... conversing aboot something

More NHS giddiness. This was cookies and punch time.

Lyn came to visit while I was working. What a slacker. I took this picture.
So... pictures of me. A lot of these are from prom and my induction into the Honor Society. What fun! I put them in B and W so that it would load faster. That's also why they are tiny. That and because I think they are cute all small like. Man, some of these are weird.

At scool sporting a new hair style. I have better pictures of my hair like this somewhere...

At home, in my room, before my collage. Fluffy took this picture.

After Prom (it blew) pretending to be artistic with Lyn.

Living room lookin at the evil TV

I'm making Kool-Aid. Oh, YEAH.

More NHS. I eat cookies, Lyn takes pics [[wtf?]]

One more image of prom, Downtown.