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For everything that I ever hated in you....




  1. Kelli: You are my everything. I love you. Please come visit soon.
  2. Sammy: You are my second. The duo would never have been a trio without you.
  3. Lyndi: Known you 8 fucking years. Not all of it was a waste of time.
  4. Chris: Shpoogen. Carry me away, Spaceman.
  5. Lola: Meep! SICies RULE.
  6. Shan: Booga booga. Hey, Harry Potter, anti-DDR, and awesome cooking... can't be all bad.
  7. Mama: Ich hab' dich lieb. Danke fuer mein leben. Danke fuer das Essen auch.
  8. Daddy: I owe everything from good looks to cynical remarks and the love of other people's pain to you. God, what a genius way to raise me. You play the accordian.
  9. Sadamoto, Takeuchi, FSc, Vasquez, Gotoh, and many other talented artists: You are geniuses. Thank you for gracing my world with art. I adore you and respect you even more.
  10. Classical composers: You're all dead but I love you.
  11. Lowell: Die, I hate you. "Sailormoon can defeat EVA with the Silver Imperium Crystal. Duh!" You're the best rival I've ever had. Thanks for the best massage EVER. I had the biggest crush on you in Middle School. HA! See you in the industry my friend.
  12. I'm sure I'm missing someone important...
  13. ...oh my sisters...
  14. Jessica: I always thought you were an actress when I was little. You have awesome taste in everything!
  15. Natalia: You are the queen of flavor! I want to explore the world in search of foods with you. Maybe you should open a restaurant. I love your overly honest attitude.
  16. Adela: WHOA! POW! BANG! CRASH! You are an awesome fight to the finish. Lively as ever and totally wizard. You're honest but you might need to learn when to keep your mouth shut.
  17. ... YOU! Thanks! <3
  18. My fans: You are the ones that keep me going every day. I love to please you. You make up the whole artistic side of me and I love you for that. "It's all for you."
  19. My harrassers: I hate you. Die. No, seriously, thanks for nothing you lame-ass, cowardly bitches.
  20. Mike: Squee! You are the current hero. LOVE!
  21. Sean: You broke my heart. I can't thank you enough. Artists love torture :)