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Well! I've got about 10 minutes before I take off to summer school again (Oh! Only 2 weeks left! No more High School No more High School WHEE!) and wow... I still don't understand how I managed to do it all in 3 years. Hah.

SO! How is everyone?? I think traffic is increasing.... I can't really tell. I've been meaning to change the layout again though because.... this one's boring me a little now. I think it's just too simple for me. It was temporary anyway. Speaking of updates, newest art can still be seen at DeviantART.Com and at YNA (no link.... I'm not too happy with that archive. A lot of pouty people) I like DA. It's working out quite nicely!

Look you can see what I look like at this happy gallery I made. It's cheap and easy but you aren't supposed to be looking at the layout anyway. Yes, this paragraph was useless and somewhat vain.

I'm so gonna finish commissions soon. That and buy Lyn's gift. Angela's too.... Oh I get paid today! I can buy things now (and pay off moderate debts to the comic book store.... not really in debt.... I just ordered things) like pants and shirts. I wanted to cut and dye my hair but no one seems to like it short so fine. I'm keeping it like this for now (I have other reasons too but they are kinda pathetic and relating to love and blaaaah) but my dad said I can streak my hair in purple and gradually add on to it! He said he has to get used to it so gradually will do. This makes me happy. I think I want to find a new job.

Oh! Well my parents are yelling at each other and it's about time for me to go! I'll be back soon!

Your art fiend,
Lainey, Juni 17, 0729
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